[NTG-context] Page layouts in chapter 3 of manual.

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Hi John,

Sorry for the delayed reaction.

The example in figure 3.21 is showing a special way of arranging 8 pages on a single sided print. What you can do with this arrangement is to fold a booklet. - I attach a short description how to do this.

The ZFLYER-8 is an arranging scheme for double sided printing.

Kind regards

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On 2 apr. 2014, at 01:04, john Culleton <John at wexfordpress.com> wrote:

> I am having a bit of trouble matching up the
> diagrams in chapter three with the corresponding
> \setuparranging statements. For example which
> \setuparranging statement matches up with figure
> 3.21 (8 pages single sided 1 sheet.)? I think it
> is [ZFLYER-8] but I am not certain. 
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