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I am going to solve my problem here:


with virtual math fonts. I use Baskervald ADF instead of Libertine. I was pleased to see that the following files produced effects:

Extract from environment file fonts.tex: ------------------------------------------------

\startenvironment fonts

    \starttypescript [math] [fonts]
        \definefontsynonym[MathRoman][file:texgyrepagella-math at baskervald-math]


    \definetypeface [fonts] [mm] [math] [fonts] [default] [features=default]

    \setupbodyfont [fonts, 12pt]



Extract from goodies file baskervald-math.lfg: ------------------------------------------

return {
    name = "baskervald-math",
    version = "1.00",
    comment = "Goodies that give math support for the Baskervald ADF font.",
    author = "author",
    copyright = "copyrigth",
    mathematics = {
        virtuals = {
            ["baskervald-math"] = {
                { name = "texgyrepagella-math.otf", features = "virtualmath", main = true },
                { name = "BaskervaldADFStd.otf", features = "virtualmath", vector = "tex-mr-missing" } ,
                { name = "BaskervaldADFStd-Italic", vector = "tex-it" } ,
                { name = "BaskervaldADFStd-Bold.otf", vector = "tex-bf", skewchar=0x7F } ,
                { name = "BaskervaldADFStd-BoldItalic.otf", vector = "tex-bi" } ,
                { name = "corbel.ttf", vector = "tex-ss", optional=true },
                { name = "UbuntuMono-R.ttf", vector = "tex-tt", optional=true },


Now I have two questions.

The first and most important question is: Where do I define my own vector mapping? Should I modify ConTeXt’s source code in the math-ttv.lua file? How do I define my own baskervald-math.lua and what should I write in it (for example for mapping Pagella’s upright mathematic glyphs to Baskervald’s upright glyphs)?

The second question is this. I have the following Project structure:

Book (root directory)

Book/book.tex (Project file)

Book/fonts.tex (environment file)

Book/Volume1 (subdirectory)

Book/Volume1/volume1.tex (product file)

Book/Volume1/Chapter1 (subsubdirectory)

Book/Volume1/Chapter1/chapter1.tex (component file)

I am forced to put the goodies file baskervald-math.lfg in Book/Volume1/Chapter1. When I put it in Book and compiled chapter1.tex separately ConTeXt failed to find it. What should I do to have the file baskervald-math.lfg in the Book directory and make ConTeXt find it when invoked from Book/Volume1/Chapter1.

Best regards,

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