[NTG-context] three long-standing issues

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Mon Apr 7 18:34:05 CEST 2014

On 04/07/2014 01:23 PM, Hans Hagen wrote:
> On 4/6/2014 6:53 PM, Pablo Rodriguez wrote:
>> [...]

Many thanks for your help, Hans.

>> 2. \setupsectionblock[...][page=no] causes the last page in bodypart to
>> have its header removed.
> make sure not have a \page someplace (as the last setting applies till a 
> page has been flushed)

Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t get it.

There was no \page in my original code. I thought that replacing
\chapter with \section would display the header in all pages (since
\chapter introduces a page break), but it doesn’t.


    \dorecurse{50}{\section{Body matter}
    \input zapf\par}

Sorry, which would be the right way to fix the sample above? (And if
that makes a difference, which would be the right way to fix it, if
\section were replaced with \chapter.)

Sorry for the questions, but I don’t have a clue on how to do it.

Many thanks for your help,


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