[NTG-context] Bugs in linenumbering ?

St├ęphane Goujet stephane.goujet at wanadoo.fr
Sat Apr 5 16:05:00 CEST 2014

Le Thu, 03 Apr 2014 23:02:41 -0400,
Rik Kabel <context at rik.users.panix.com> a écrit :

> On 2014-04-03 20:15, Stéphane Goujet wrote:
> >    Here is what I have done so far. Not too bad a result, but there
> > are still 2 main problems:
> > -- when the quotation begins after the beginning of the paragraph,
> > the whole paragraph is affected by *narrower*;
> > -- when the text continues after the end of the quotation, it is
> > impossible to insert the *\par* that, as Hans noticed and told us,
> > is needed to have *narrower* work, so it is as if there was no
> > *narrower* and the whole line numbering of the paragraph is messed
> > up.
> That is the big one for me. As the example png I posted shows, I need
> to have support for multiple quoted sections and unquoted text at the
> end.

  Same for me. I understand that it makes little sense (or perhaps
no sense at all) for line numbering to deal with such situations; this
is why in first post concerning our quotation matter, I was asking
whether linenumbering would be the way to go or not.


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