[NTG-context] Linenumbering and bidi

Rik Kabel context at rik.users.panix.com
Fri Mar 28 22:45:20 CET 2014

I have requirements similar to those of Stéphane Goujet to reproduce the 
typography of earlier times, and I tried to adapt the code presented in 
his note earlier today titled “Quotation blocs with repetition symbol in 
the left column.”

The result of this attempt is the discovery of two issues with 
linenumbering. I will present these in separate notes. This note 
involves an unfortunate interaction with bidi. The other problem 
involves startnarrower.

Both issues occur with the current 20140328 beta.

Adding the line \setupdirections[bidi=on,method=two] to Stéphane’s 
example results in the disappearance of the guillemots that would 
otherwise be placed as linenumbers. In my case, this bidi variant is 
needed to prevent misplaced references. The issue of misplaced 
references was discusssed in a recent thread by Pablo Rodriguez (Re: 
[NTG-context] (again) bug with bidi direction and \about references, 
begun on 3 March).

The bidi issue does not occur with TL2013, although perhaps method=two 
is meaningless there. Other bidi options do not show this problem.

Rik Kabel

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