[NTG-context] wrong bookmark destinations in PDF files

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Thu Mar 27 19:13:09 CET 2014


I’m afraid that bookmark destinations are wrong in latest beta from
2014.03.25 16:58.

Here you have the minimal sample (that I copied from source):

\bookmark{The First Indeed}
\bookmark[chapter]{The First Indeed Again}
\bookmark{The Second Indeed}
\section{gamma \tex{radiation}}
\chapter{Third \relax}
\chapter{我〈能吞下玻璃而不傷身〉體。}% whatever that means
\chapter{Idris Samawi Hamid ادريس سماوي حامد}

The output generated with beta from 2014.03.25 16:58
(http://www.ousia.tk/wrong-destination.pdf) contains bookmarks that
don’t work either in okular or in SumatraPDF (I don’t have other viewers
to check it).

The output generated with beta from 2014.03.07 11:42
(http://www.ousia.tk/right-destination.pdf) works fine with these viewers.

I’m afraid this might be a bug.

Many thanks for your help,


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