[NTG-context] Placing arbitrary pdf bookmarks

Jean-Philippe Rey jean-philippe.rey at ecp.fr
Sat Mar 22 16:35:15 CET 2014

Hello all,

I am willing to use ConTeXt to produce a bunch of stickers. My stickers are grouped into categories but I don't want any headers or titles to interfere with the layout of the stickers, so I didn't use \startchapter and the likes. However, I would like to add pdf bookmarks in order to quickly jump to the start of a category. After taking a look at strc-bkm.mkiv, I tried the following

		Sticker 1
		Sticker 2
		Sticker 3
		Sticker 4
		Sticker 5
		Sticker 6

But it didn't worked. I didn't get any error message but no bookmark either.

How can I directly add a bookmark to the pdf table of contents ? Previously I was using the ReportLab toolkit which provided for this purpose the bookmarkPage and addOutlineEntry functions. Is there a similar solution with ConTeXt ?

Thanks for your help,

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