[NTG-context] suppressing console output

Lars Huttar lars_huttar at sil.org
Wed Mar 19 15:17:13 CET 2014


I'm running context mkiv, version: 2013.05.28 00:36 (from the 2013 TeX
Live CD).
We're getting floods of output from context, including lots of Underfull
hboxes, and the names of .tex files that are being opened and closed.
This is all within a build script that does several other things besides
running context.
I'd like to suppress non-critical output from context so that other
important output from the script doesn't get so easily lost.
I'm already logging that output to a file, but I'd like to be able to
take advantage of the console as well.

I've tried the following command-line options to context, as suggested
by context --help:

but none of these seem to have any effect on the output!
I could just have the script discard stdout from context; I'm not sure
how much of the output that would get rid of, but it may be good enough.
However it's not ideal.
(When an error occurs, as sometimes happens, I don't want the error
message and its context to be hidden while the console waits for the
user to respond blindly. I assume that would be on stderr anyway though...)

Can anyone tell me how to suppress non-critical messages from context as
it runs?


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