[NTG-context] Placing marks at edge.

Willi Egger context at boede.nl
Wed Mar 5 20:49:03 CET 2014

Hello John,

I was busy to make this some time ago. May that the attached file is a base for what you want to achieve.

Kind regards

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On 5 mrt. 2014, at 16:43, john Culleton <John at wexfordpress.com> wrote:

> You have seen them in books from O'Reilly and
> even in books like "TeX for the Impatient":
> markings on the outer edge of each odd page that
> bleed past the page edge indicating a particular
> chapter. In the last named they are a simple 
> box with very fine horizontal black lines. In some
> O'Reilly books like "Web Design in a Nutshell"
> they are a black box with the chapter name
> (possibly abbreviated) rotated 90 degrees in
> small white text. 
> No doubt I can do this in Context. The question
> is what is the simplest and most foolproof way
> home.
> Of course the page size will be made larger by
> 0.125 inch on all sides except the spine edge to
> provide a trim. The marker box I describe
> protrudes into the trim area. And its location
> and the text  change for each chapter of
> course. 
> It is very hard in this country to get a book
> review by the important pre-publication
> reviewers like Booklist and Library Journal. But
> that review is the key to among other things
> library sales and academic sales. Edge markings
> like I discuss above will immediately separate my
> books from those slapped together in MSWord etc. 
> I am just trying to get my books past the clerk in
> the mail room who has orders to discard anything
> that looks self-published.  
> -- 
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