[NTG-context] Margin notes

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 15:58:01 CET 2014

Am 04.03.2014 um 01:31 schrieb S Barmeier <severinbarmeier at googlemail.com>:

> I am trying to compile a 2-year-old mkiv document with the latest beta
> and am getting an error on the line
> \inleft[style=bold,stack=continue]
> Two years ago, stacking of margin notes was still experimental, so I'm
> guessing something has changed since then. What is the correct way these
> days to typeset margin notes?

You have to make a minimal example because I can’t see a problem with \inleft.

Text\inleft[style=bold,stack=continue]{Note 1} text\inleft[style=bold,stack=continue]{Note 2} text


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