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Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sun Mar 2 01:06:25 CET 2014

On 3/1/2014 1:42 PM, hwitloc at gmail.com wrote:
> On my system I already have Cygwin.  I want to install the standalone Context.
> Which involves basically:
>     mkdir -o /opt/context
>     cd /opt/context
>     wget "http://minimals.contextgarden.net/setup/first-setup.sh
>     chmod 744 first-setup.sh
>     ./first-setup.sh
>     #this works up to this point only partially.
>   - /opt/context/tex  is not installed.   This is a bad error.  It causes
>    - first-setup.sh to fail.
> And what is loaded will cause conflicts with cygwin which already exists, I believe.
> I can't see why rsync is use to load anothe versio of rsync in a diff location.
>     #1. Why does 1st setup duplicate Cygwin dlls?   I've hurd that having multiple
>          cygwin*.dlls can cause problems.   Besideds They already exist and so does
> 	luatex.exe for that matter.  'first-setup.sh' should know that it does a test
>          for CYGWIN, but doesn't seem to do anything with it.

at some point we will switch to mingw rsync (has been tested a while 
ago) so then the dll's will go

>     #2. Also redundant and confusing is first-setup.sh forces the fetching of rsync by
>         an already existing rsync.  Is rsync already exists, why fetch another one and
>         put it in a different location.

because figuring out what is available is more work (and we want the 
rsync to match the one at the server)

> I have texlive for unix on a cygwin platform, on top of an XP system.
> I want to make installing the standalone easy for cyginw and linux.

afaik it's easy alreasdu on linux

> #
> # Firstly, exactly what packages are needed for context?
> #  I assume it's one or more of the mtx prefixed programs below.  Please advise.
>    - mtx-update.lua
>    - mtxrun.exe
>    - mtxrun.dll
>    - mtxrun.lua
>    - lua52.dll
>    - luatex.dll   Is this needed in addition to luatex.exe?
>    - luatex.exe   <Note: cygwin has  luatex.exe  same functionality?>
>    - kpathsea620.dll  <Note:  TeXLive has kpath related code>
> I understand that there are not a lot of people experimenting with the latest ConTeXt
> and even less for the Cygin platform.  But, I would like to make it easer and clearer for Cygwin users who do want to experiement with the latest versions.

eh .. i bet tat most users use the latest context but you're probably 
right that not that many users are on cygwin (if u need unix alongside 
windows i use a vm) as there are native windows binaries (makes me 
wonder if these can be run inside cygwin)

> I don't know if installing for a native linux version is easier or more straightforward or not

installing on linux or osx or windows is equally straightforward (same 
process once you donloaded the installation files); updating is even 
less work


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