[NTG-context] Strange behaviour with columnar itemized text

Thangalin thangalin at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 02:15:02 CET 2014


I encountered two issues where itemized text within columns behaves
unexpectedly. There appear to be two issues, possibly related. I will
provide the shorter example first, which produces overlapping text on
the second page (http://i.imgur.com/zMW6yk4.png).

Changing \blank[.2em] to \blank[small] resolves the first issue.
Removing inbetween={\blank[small]}, resolves the second issue. Given
that changing the \blank command affects the results, I think they
might be related somehow.

I'm not concerned about the first issue -- changing ".25em" to "small"
is fine. The second issue, however, leaves me perplexed for a solution
to avoid the issue while maintaining the desired vertical whitespace
(see (http://i.imgur.com/n46zEhf.png) between items. Any suggestions?

Hopefully these are sufficiently minimal examples.

------------] 8< overlapping text 8< [------------

  \item{Preheat the oven to 400°F}\item{Put a few cups of salt in a
gratin dish and level it off}\item{Place a little of the prepared
butter mixture snail butter in an empty shell (about a teaspoon) and
then put a snail in after it}\item{Put another blob of the snail
butter on top until the snail is no longer visible in the shell (about
a teaspoon)}\item{Do this for the remaining shells a layer of snail
butter the snail itself and another layer of snail butter}\item{Now,
push all the prepared shells into the salt in the gratin dish such
that the shell openings are securely face up}\item{Make sure the
shells to stay securely face up so that the snail cooks in the snail
butter instead of the butter just leaking out}\item{If you have some
special escargot dishes you can place the shells in them instead of
the salt and gratin dish}\item{Ensure that the shells remain securely
face up so that the snail cooks in the snail butter}
------------] 8< snip snip 8< [------------

The second, slightly longer example, shows text overlapping the footer
region (http://i.imgur.com/vUNyDmk.png) and extending off the second

------------] 8< snip snip 8< [------------







------------] 8< snip snip 8< [------------

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