[NTG-context] different page sizes on one sheet

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Thu Feb 27 16:43:49 CET 2014

On Thu, 27 Feb 2014, amerke wrote:

> hi rudolf (& list),
> thank you for your 'quick hack', it's ok for my current solution. page 
> number, margins and background and stuff like grid alignment are still a 
> problem ...
> but, i suppose, there must be :-) a tiny piece of code in ConTeXt, where the 
> rotation of the whole page can be achieved (but still treating the page as a 
> landscape page for the above setup arranging layer)
> maybe someone knows how to do it and can share his knowledge ... ?

Do you need interaction (hyperref in latex-speak) to work? If not, one 
possibility is the following.

You anyways have to do manual page-breaking because your sheets are of 
different size. Create a PDF with two A6 pages followed by an A5 page (and 

Use a separate CLD (Context lua document) for arranging. Once you know the 
number of pages of the pdf (you can get this in lua as well as in tex), 
you can simple use something like (pseudo code)

for i = 1, no_of_page, 3 do
   context.setlayer( {"page"}, {x = "0", y = "0" }, { 
"\\externalfigure[file][page=i]" })
   context.setlayer( {"page"}, {x = "0", y = "0.5\\textheight" }, { 
"\\externalfigure[file][page=i+1]" })
     context.setlayer( {"page"}, {x = "0.5\\textwidth", y = "0" }, { 
"\\externalfigure[file][page=i+2]" })


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