[NTG-context] \definefallbackfamily issues

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Sun Feb 23 11:00:58 CET 2014

Hi Wolfgang,

sorry for asking about the \definefallbackfamily again, but I have the
impression that the more I use, the less I understand it.

Here is the sample:

\definefallbackfamily[mainface][serif][CMU Serif][preset={range:greek,
range:cyrillic}, it={DejaVu Serif-Italic, scale:0.935}]
\definefontfamily[mainface][serif][TeX Gyre Pagella]
Mixing scripts.

В начале июля

Λόγος δέ ἐστι {\em φωνὴ σημαντική}.

I have three questions:

How can I define one fallback with more than one range preset? (I tried
many combinations, but none of them worked.)

I cannot get a different italic fallback font if the fallback typeface
specified in the third argument has an italic font. What am I doing
wrong here?

Is it possible to scale only the italic font in a fallback definition
and not whole typeface? (In some cases, the feature is extremely handy.)

Many thanks for your help,


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