[NTG-context] solutions and problems

Xan dxpublica at telefonica.net
Thu Feb 20 10:15:11 CET 2014


Just a question about blocks... I consulted the manual, but I'm in trouble:

I have this definitions:

% the exercise


\defineblock[resposta] % the answer

And in my text, I have:

\resposta Exercici 2 (Solucions: \startitemize[a,text] \item D, \item I, \item D, \item No té relació, \item D, \item D, \item No té relació, \item No té relació, \item D.\stopitemize) \par

\subject{Respostes} %Answers


Is there any way that the answers (resposta) has the same number as the 'exercici' in which it belongs to? If not, I have to put "Solutions of exercici 2" in my 'resposta'

Thank you very much

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