[NTG-context] Various setuptolerance settings within a single document

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 21:08:01 CET 2014

Am 19.02.2014 um 21:00 schrieb Jan Tosovsky <j.tosovsky at email.cz>:

> Dear All,
> I'd like to apply 'verystrict' tolerance as a default value, which would be
> overridden by less strict values in several specific paragraphs with tricky
> word combinations causing problems when hyphenating.
> But when \setuptolerance command is used multiple times, the last one seems
> to be active only from that place on.
> When settings is wrapped by \start \stop commands, it seems to be ignored:
> \start
> \setuptolerance[tolerant]
> %text
> \stop
> Is there any way how to achieve this or do I have to use the lowest required
> value for the whole document?

Can you try to end the paragraph before the \stop with a empty line or the \par command.


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