[NTG-context] ConTeXt minimal on chromebook

Bill Meahan subscribed_lists at meahan.net
Tue Feb 18 23:55:56 CET 2014

On 2/18/2014 12:21 AM, Martin maaca Rehula wrote:
> ChromeOS is Linux-based operating system. I don't know, what exactly is different compared to "normal" Linux distribution. You should be able to execute Linux binaries there.
> .deb packages are not any ultra proprietary, extra DRM-protected things. It is just .tar.gz archive enclosed in the ar archive. So, you can easily extract files from the .deb package, copy them to your chromebook and execute them. I don't expect dependency on too many libraries.
> Martin
> _

Actually, ChromeOS only uses the Linux /kernel/ but is not a Linux 
distribution in any way, shape or form.

  No shell, no utilities, no package manager ala apt-get. It boots 
directly into Chrome and that is the only application that is permitted 
to run on it. Any "apps" must be written as Chrome extensions and have 
very limited ability to run directly on the kernel. Google intends 
everything to be written in HTML5/Javascript.

I won't even mention how Google reads almost everything to serve you 
"better ads."

Bill Meahan, Westland, Michigan

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