[NTG-context] Euler with fallback

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at olin.edu
Tue Feb 18 02:05:25 CET 2014

>> Because of font loading, is this recommended way to use components
>> (rather than the old way of the \project line after \startcomponent)?
>> If so, I'll make a note on the wiki.
> This does not only apply to component etc. but also to normal files because
> context sets and resets some values with \starttext etc. and to avoid some
> problems it’s better to put all setup commands before it.

Agreed.  The wiki page for "Project Structure" has always shown setups
(via \project ... ) going after the \startcomponent or \startproduct.
I've edited the examples to have setups before the
\start(product|component).  If I did it wrong, let me know.


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