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Otared Kavian otared at gmail.com
Sun Feb 16 11:30:09 CET 2014

Hi all,

After a series of exchanges on the list, on the topic of how mathematics typesetting is and should be in ConTeXt, I am writing you this message to ask all those who use ConTeXt to typeset mathematics and who encounter various types of difficulties, or shortcomings, to send me their remarks, either on list or off list. 
I will check the problems with Aditya Mahajan and Mikael Sundqvist, and then submit feature requests or bug reports to Hans and Aditya who will try to fix the issues (I have asked these people about this, and they all agree…).

In order to help me manage efficiently the task, please add the following tag 

	[Math on ConTeXt]

to the Subject field of your message.

The issues which may be addressed are of the following categories:

	1. Differences in the output of ConTeXt mkiv vs mkii (due to differences in engine)

	2.  Differences in the output of ConTeXt mkiv vs LuaLaTeX + Opentype math fonts (due to differences in macro package)

	3. Differences in the output of ConTeXt mkiv vs PDFLaTeX + AMSMath (due to differences in expectation)

	4. Bug reports (regarding commands of plain TeX missing in ConTeXt, the position of math accents, etc…)

Indeed some of the issues may have their origin in the fonts (therefore not easy to fix thouroughly), but others may be fixed once the expectations are clearly expressed. 
As usual, please give minimal examples imbedded in 


so that we can test the issue you are reporting.
Thanks for your attention and cooperation,
Best regards: OK

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