[NTG-context] Linespacing in TOC

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 23:25:26 CET 2014

Am 10.02.2014 um 22:49 schrieb Jan Tosovsky <j.tosovsky at email.cz>:

> I still prefer placing lines on the grid. But if the grid could be switched
> off just for ToC, I could use the above code ensuring lines in the 'grid'
> positions. It is fake, but I cannot manage even that (startlinecorrection
> doesn't work here).
> Any idea?

When you have characters with big ascenders/descenders you have to increase
the interlinespace or change the height/depth ration of a strut.

1. Change the interlinespace value with


2. Change the height/depth ration with

  \setupinterlinespace[height=0.8,depth=0.2] % default: height=0.72,depth=0.28


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