[NTG-context] xterm dynamic title

Alan BRASLAU alan.braslau at cea.fr
Wed Jan 29 12:33:25 CET 2014


Using xterm and related emulators, one can set a dynamic title. Many
applications set this title. (Of course, the user can program the
emulator to ignore such dynamic titles, if preferred).

I find it useful, especially when I have many terminal windows open,
all running different processes in parallel. May I suggest the
following simple change to the context script:

case "$TERM" in
  *xterm*) echo -e -n "\e]0;${0##*/} $*\a" ;;
mtxrun --script context "$@"

1. Perhaps it would be preferred to implement such a feature in the
mtx-context.lua script, for example, rather than the shell script, as
one could then add useful information such as the run number. Also, one
may (or may not) want to do this when running -batch, etc.

2. On non-unix-like systems, perhaps the $TERM case would be different.


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