[NTG-context] definefontfamily options for caps and capsbold fonts

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Mon Jan 27 20:54:23 CET 2014

On 01/26/2014 10:54 PM, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:
> Am 26.01.2014 um 00:07 schrieb Pablo Rodriguez <oinos at gmx.es>:
>> Hi Wolfgang,
>> with the new simplefonts interface I have two options that used to work
>> with the old interface, but that don’t work now.
>> Here is the command:
>> \definefontfamily[mainface][mono][ryt1xtt][capsfont=ryt1xttsc,
>> boldfont=ryt1xbtt, capsboldfont=ryt1xttsc]
>> I get mono the bold font, but I cannot get mono small caps or mono bold
>> small caps.
> You can set the smallcaps font with the “smallcapsfont” key but I suggest
> to use the new keys instead because the old ones will disappear at one point.
> \definefontfamily[…][…][…][bf=file:ryt1xbtt,sc=file:ryt1xttsc]
> The bold caps font you want to use is not possible with the \definefontfamily
> command because context doesn’t provide a command to use it by default.

Many thanks for your reply, Wolfgang.

I will see if I can create a single font with caps and regular glyphs.

Many thanks for your help,


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