[NTG-context] Simpleton bibliography

john Culleton John at wexfordpress.com
Sun Jan 26 01:01:33 CET 2014

A very recent (Jan 21) wiki article lists this
example for a simple bibliography:
Now that is simple enough for starters.

Question 1: What are the other options for
\setupbtxrendering and what do they do? (In my
world Bibliographies are seldom numbered.)

Question 2: Suppose I want to follow a different
standard, other than APA, such as harvard or
Chicago or whatever: where do I code that
choice and how? Are bst files still in play?

Question 3: url is mentioned. Does that mean that
url can actually used as a data field name?

I am of the KISS persuasion (Keep It Simple
Silly). All of furbelows and feathers that
fascinate real experts are not my cup of code.
Bless the real experts, without them there would
be no TeX or Context, but I am not of their clan.

All I want to do is: 

A: Create a list of books properly encoded in
bibtex or similar style. Probably all the entries
will be @book types.

B: print items out of that list as I choose them
with \cite or \nocite in a backmatter chapter
called "references" or "bibliography".

John Culleton
Wexford Press
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