[NTG-context] \startnarrower[left, right] =?utf-8?Q?=5Ccompletecontent=5Bpageboundaries=3D=7B0.1.1.5=7D=5D_?=\stopnarrower

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com
Wed Jan 22 23:20:45 CET 2014

Hi Rudolf,  

what you try doesn’t work because the narrower environment and the list alternative you use try to change the same internal register for the distance from the left margin. What you have to do is to write your own layout for the section entries in the TOC because this way you don’t reset the margins added by \startnarrower.  


On 22.01.2014 12:05:33, Rudolf Bahr <quasi at quasi.de> wrote:  
Hello listmembers,

ConTeXt ver: 2013.05.28 00:36 MKIV current fmt: 2014.1.6

I'm typesetting a book in A4 landscape and would like to indent the TOC
at both sides. I tried two solutions which both didn't work as expected.

1. attempt with "\startnarrower[left,right] \completecontent[pageboundaries={}] \stopnarrower":
The output of the following minimalistic example is partly attached as .pdf file. I shortened there
the textheight to 80mm.
a.) I would expect the TOC to be midaligned. But it isn't. It is leftaligned.
b.) I would expect the TOC stopped after the 5th subsection row at page bottom and to be
continued at the next page due to "[pageboundaries={}]". But it isn't.

2. attempt with "\line{\hfill\vbox{\hsize=.75\hsize\completecontent[pageboundaries={}]}\hfill}",
outcommented in the following example. The TOC is really indented at both sides, but
it doesn't stop at all at page bottom.

Something must be wrong here. But what?


Rudolf Bahr  
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