[NTG-context] Need for \buildtextaccent, was Re: latest beta

Rik Kabel context at rik.users.panix.com
Fri Jan 17 17:04:18 CET 2014

On 2014-01-17 06:22, Hans Hagen wrote:
> no, side effect of substantial optimizations (where i simply couldn't 
> test everything ... you're probably the only user building accents)
> Hans
It is needed to create what might otherwise be LATIN SMALL LETTER Q WITH 
This is not a Unicode character, but is easily constructed as:

    \buildtextaccent\textacute q

for use in setting, for example, this bit of Spinoza's /Tractatus 
Politicus/, in which it appears four times.
The character was commonly used in Latin texts published from the 16th 
through the 19th century.

The above was done with LaTeX (\csdef is from etoolbox) and the 
following preamble code:

    \newcommand*{\RKqacute}{\RKacute q}% LATIN SMALL LETTER Q WITH ACUTE
    %  The following works, instead of the above, with Linux Libertine (and
    %+   probably many other fonts) but does not work with the IM Fell
    %+   which are missing glyph 0x301, COMBINING ACUTE ACCENT:
    %   \csdef{RKacute}#1{#1\char"301}
    %   \csdef{RKqacute}{\RKacute{q}}

Rik Kabel
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