[NTG-context] A problem with itemize in columns - once again, now with an MWE

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 16:19:48 CET 2014

Am 17.01.2014 um 16:05 schrieb Marcin Borkowski <mbork at wmi.amu.edu.pl>:

> Hi all,
> once again I have a problem with itemization in columns.  This time, I
> finally managed to isolate the problem and prepare an MWE.  The
> problem does not appear with Latin Modern fonts, but does with Pagella
> (I didn't test other fonts).  It seems that the height of the square
> root sign is too high.  \smash-ing helps, but I'd prefer not to have
> to \smash things manually.  Can anything be done about this?  (Note:
> I'm using the latest beta.  In some earlier versions, \smash-ing
> didn't help, so it's not something of high priority for me now.  But
> if it's something easy to fix, I'd be thankful.)

You can increase the linespacing in the itemize.





\item abc
\item \math{a^2}
\item xyz
\item \math{\frac{1}{2}}
\item foo
\item bar
\item baz
\item \math{\sqrt{2}}
\item asdf
\item qwerty



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