[NTG-context] No bibliography in the output, depends on file name

Marco Patzer lists at homerow.info
Fri Jan 17 13:15:57 CET 2014

On 2014–01–15 Nicola wrote:

> maybe this is a known issue,

It's a known fact that context has a different notion of valid file
names than your operating system does. This is by design. To quote
the manual:

  “It is highly recommended, that all input files, i.e. the ConTEXt
  source and other included files such as image files, have only the
  letters a–z, digits and dashes in their names, that is in the
  names of their full paths, otherwise you can easily get into

> I'm writing a ConTeXt document called modern-c++.tex (in OS X 10.7.5). The 
> content of the file is:
>     \setupbibtex[database={modern-c++}, sort=author]
>     \setuppublications[numbering=yes] 
>     \starttext
>     \completepublications[criterium=all]
>     \stoptext

Especially since c++ didn't work out, I expected dropping the “++”
would work (“modern-c”), but it didn't. So I ran some tracing:

  \enabletrackers [resolvers.readfile]

This reports:

  files > readfile > not found by tree lookup: file  .ext

Which means the “++” is replaced by two spaces, instead of searching
for “file++.ext” or “file.ext” which is what I had expected. I
didn't dig into the code to check where the spaces creep in.

Regardless if this particular issue gets fixed or not, I doubt that
Hans will put much effort into general support for “esoteric” file
names. So, it's best to avoid plus signs in file names.

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