[NTG-context] Setting `before` option of chapter breaks header text

john Culleton John at wexfordpress.com
Tue Jan 14 22:59:32 CET 2014

On Tue, 3 Sep 2013 20:32:30 +0200
Wolfgang Schuster <schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com>

> Am 03.09.2013 um 20:22 schrieb Michael Scholtz
> <scmicha at gmail.com>:
> > I tried `\blank` commands in `before`, but it
> > seems to have to effect. A space before
> > `\blank` (like `before={\ \blank[5em]}`)
> > makes it work, but is not so nice.
> TeX ignores a \blank at the begin of a page, to
> force the space you can
> “before=\blank[force,<value>]”.
> > But using `toffset` and `boffset` does the
> > job, even without `\blank`s:
> This is wrong because the toffset and buffet
> control the margins *in* the boy and not around
> the box.
> Wolfgang
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If the before option is just for space then how
do I place a fleuron centered above the chapter
title? That is what the customer wants.

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