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There are horses for courses. I write invoices
using plain pdftex. Not much code required, I just
change the data fields for each new iteration. I
also use the antique TeXsis tables for structure.
Here is an example:
 \input TXSruled.tex
January\or February\or March\or April\or
May\or June\or July\or August\or 
September \or October\or November\or December\fi
\space\number\day, \number\year}

\font\bigss=cmss17 at 25pt
\centerline{\bigss INVOICE}
\vskip .25in
\hrule height 1.5pt 
\line{\hfill Date: \today}
\vskip .25in
John Culleton \hfill\crnorule
2401 Haight Avenue\hfill\crnorule
Eldersburg, MD 21784 \hfill\endruledtable
Independent Contract Services\hfill\crnorule
Landmark Community Newspapers\hfill\crnorule
Carroll County Times\hfill\crnorule
P.O. Box 346\hfill\crnorule
Westminster, MD 21158\hfill\endruledtable
Item\dbl Desc|Date |Amount \cr
  1 \dbl \para{Column}| Dec 10 2013|\$40.00*  \cr
  2 \dbl \para{Column}| Dec 24 2013|\$40.00  \cr
\dbl \multispan2 \hfil TOTAL: |
\$80.00\endruledtable \def\uline#1{\vrule height
0pt depth .75pt width #1 in}

\vskip 30pt

\vskip 30pt

Approved:\uline{2} \hfill Approved Date:\uline{1.5}\break} 
%%Begin addressing code for reverse side.
\vskip -.5in
\moveleft .75truein
\vbox{{\bf John Culleton}\par
2401 Haight Ave\par
Eldersburg MD 21784\par
\vskip 30pt
\moveright 3truein
Independent Contract Services
Landmark Community Newspapers
Carroll County Times
P.O. Box 346
Westminster, MD 21158
 I print the first page, flip the
 paper, print the address info, and fold the
 paper into threes. Glue the edge, affix a stamp
 and mail.

Run the above code and look at the results. 

John Culleton
Wexford Press
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