[NTG-context] Avoid system fonts

Jörg Hagmann joerg.hagmann at unibas.ch
Fri Jan 3 21:26:56 CET 2014

Thank you, Mojca, but I am afraid you have to be more specific.

I created a directory ~/context/beta/empty
I put into .profile OSFONTDIR=Users/bonasa/context/beta/empty
Starting the shell gives:


context myfile.tex

fonts           > names > 'OSFONTDIR' specifies path '/Users/bonasa/Library/Fonts'
fonts           > names > 'OSFONTDIR' specifies path '/Library/Fonts'
fonts           > names > 'OSFONTDIR' specifies path '/System/Library/Fonts'


Thanks, Jörg

Mojca Miklavec writes:

> On Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 1:21 PM, Jörg Hagmann wrote:
>> Loading the fonts (?) takes too much time -- or maybe the programme is
>> stuck, I don't know because I interrupted after a very long time at:
>> fonts           > names > globbing path '/System/Library/Fonts/**.ttf'
>> How can I avoid that, I don't use system fonts.
>> Sorry, searching the mail archive is not possible at the moment.
>> Mac 10.7.5
>> Context version 2013.11.05 09:50
> We just discussed that problem off-list. On my system it's the culprit
> of /System/Library/Fonts/LastResort.ttf (you can check that with
> "Inspect -> Open files and folders" in Activity Monitor). Taco will
> probably modify LuaTeX a bit to avoid the problem.
> I managed to use
>     export OSFONTDIR=/some/existing/empty/path
> but someone probably also needs to figure out why ConTeXt is loading
> that font in the first place.

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