[NTG-context] current

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Jan 2 20:15:09 CET 2014


I uploaded a current. As we're now moving forward to luatex 0.80 (with 
currently 0.78 as beta) the current reflects the < 0.78 state of 
affairs. From now on betas might use new luatex functionality so best 
update to 0.78+ (unless i mess up too much older luatex's will work ok 
too). The upcoming months the redone bibtex support will also en dup in 
the code base (given that it passes Thomas and Allan quality assessments).

The minimals are now windows 32 and windows 64 aware. There are two 
installation zips on the garden. If you're on 64 bit but still run 32 
bit, you can best

- wipe context/bin (where the installer files live)
- unzip the new installer zip
- remove the status file
- remove context/tex/texmf-mswin

(the new binaries are in context/tex/texmf-win64)

and run the status-update script. Or just install the while lot fresh 
(which is fast anyway), and keep the old trees for a while.

Thanks to Akira for supporting 64 bit and keeping up so fast,


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