[NTG-context] ConTeXt hyphenation patterns for Indic languages

Rajeesh K Nambiar rajeeshknambiar at gmail.com
Sat Dec 14 13:06:56 CET 2013


I have tried to generate the hyphenation patterns for Malayalam
language from the TeX hyphenation patterns, but the unicode characters
were skipped. On TeXLive 2013, ConTeXt version 2013.04.20, this is
what was tried:

1.  Uncommented line for "ml" in mtx-patterns.lua
2.  Ran "mtxrun --script patterns --convert
3. Output shows all patterns are removed with similar messages to:
"mtx-patterns    | removing line with suspected utf character അ
(0x0D05), category lo: 1അ1"

What is the proper way to add hyphenation patterns for a new language?

In addition, how to add a 'new language' to the ConTeXt base (such
that \language[ml] can be used? I see "base/lang-ind.mkii" where I
could add "\setupheadtext" etc for the language, what is the
equivalent for mkiv?

Thanks for any answers or pointers.


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