[NTG-context] vertical square root upstroke (instead of having a slant)

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at olin.edu
Sun Dec 1 20:57:05 CET 2013

With the following minimal file on MkIV (2013.05.28 00:36 MKIV current),
the upstroke of the square root is vertical instead of having the usual
slant toward the right.  With MkII it has the usual slant.

I see this problem only with certain arrangements of variables (that
recur often in my book chapter on springs and piano strings).  For
example, it goes away after changing the "\rho" to a "b".

\sqrt{Tb^2\over \rho}.

I know that the big math symbols are constructed differently in MkIV
and MkII.  Does the example above show an intended difference?


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