[NTG-context] [OT] − RobotoSlab Italics… or not

Renaud Aubin root at renaud.io
Sat Nov 23 20:25:07 CET 2013

Le 23/11/2013 19:08, Wolfgang Schuster a écrit :
> Am 23.11.2013 um 18:51 schrieb Renaud Aubin <root at renaud.io>:
>> Hi folks,
>> I'm working on a Roboto typescript and starting from the work done by
>> Zen Lima back in last July, I would like to push things further.
>> Since I work on some Android projects and use Google Keep mostly on a
>> daily basis, I was surprised to not find italics for the RobotoSlab
>> (either on the web or by extracting the assets of the Keep package).
>> Why am I surprised: Keep do have serif title placeholders for the new
>> note EditText and I see it everyday!
>> $ mtxrun --script font --list --all --pattern=robotoslab
>> robotoslab          robotoslabbold      RobotoSlab-Bold.ttf
>> robotoslabbold      robotoslabbold      RobotoSlab-Bold.ttf
>> robotoslablight     robotoslablight     RobotoSlab-Light.ttf
>> robotoslabregular   robotoslabregular   RobotoSlab-Regular.ttf
>> robotoslabthin      robotoslabthin      RobotoSlab-Thin.ttf
>> OK, RobotoSlab fonts are accessible and I have a working typescript to
>> use RobotoSlab with ConTeXt MkIV (I'll made the git repo public soon).
>> At first, my thoughts are: nevermind the Slab italics but now, I'm
>> curious since Inkscape, LibreOffice, … propose the italic and bolditalic
>> features of the RobotoSlab (check out the attached font-manager screenshot).
>> I've worked with different kind of fonts'family (more or less complete)
>> and used and modified many typescripts in my ConTeXter's life but there
>> I should be missing something obvious. Where are the RobotoSlab
>> Italics??? My experience is that italic and bolditalic should correspond
>> to files… First guess: no files so the RobotoSlab Italic and BoldItalic
>> features are just faked ones composed by my GNU/Linux Debian system. No,
>> I must be wrong here too…
>> Any thoughts on "The Quest of the Hidden Italics of the RobotoSlab fonts!“?
> The font has no italic but inkscape slants the regular and bold styles to get them,
> you can do the same in context with the slant key from \definefontfeature.
> \definefontfeature[slanted][default][mode=base,slant=.25]
> \definefontfamily[roboto][rm][Roboto Slab][it=features:slanted,bi=features:slanted]
> \setupbodyfont[roboto]
> \starttext
> Regular {\it Italic} {\bf Bold} {\bi BoldItalic}
> \stoptext
> Wolfgang
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Thank you Wolfgang,

I've made a repo: https://github.com/nibua-r/roboto-context
Reviews are always welcome!

Any chance that this typescript could find a way to the main ConTeXt distro?


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