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Francisco Gracia fgragu023 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 10 16:07:13 CET 2013

This is a disclaimer to my former message about this subject.

I continued considering the solution to the problem of using *fleurons* in
a document via the suggested *\leaders* command and it turned out to be a
dead end for the following reasons:

    1) it acts wrongly if the page in which the *fleuron* is to appear has
a lot of blank space availabe, as the following test code demonstrates:


\leaders\vbox to \lineheight{\midaligned{Finis\\coronat\\opus}}\vfil}

\dorecurse{32}{Line \recurselevel\par}



where the intended *fleuron* appears superposed several times instead of
the only one desired;

    2) the use of such an instruction is touchy and not dependable. As I
have experienced, things work satisfactorily or not according to the degree
of nesting of the command *\fleuron* in the whole launching command and
possibly according to many other unnoticed factors;

    3) the suggested formulation does not allow enough control for the
placement of the *fleuron* in the final document.

In the end all this seems reasonable: the straigth use of the *\leaders*
command  is almost the contrary of the one demanded for the present
functionality. The effect of the (obscure in more than one sense) *Tex*
command *\leaders* is to fill a (rather implicitly defined) surface with
repeated copies of a certain motive. The visibility or not of the result
according to the surrounding text or space in the page has to be considered
therefore as a purely accidental (and noxious) side effect. The content
typesett via *\leaders* is not supposed in any way to disappear when
following lines are added.

I conclude that the only lawful use of *\leaders* in the true context of
*fleurons* would be for the generation of certain repetitive motives (for
instance a kind of small checkered board), but this is only a hint; I have
not explored this possibility.

Fortunately I have been able to advance in another direction and to get
what seems to me a consistent solution to the original problem. I open the
new thread *Using *fleurons** for explaining it more fully.


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