[NTG-context] imposition 2SIDE: feature request

Willi Egger context at boede.nl
Sat Oct 5 20:27:09 CEST 2013

Dear Thomas,

yes this reaction is really late…

your request is not silly. Yet I have to say that this will not be possible to solve easily with the mechanism used for arranging pages. The thing is, that this mechanism is looping over the pages and puts them in the right place. This means, that at the moment of this action nothing can be added to the file anymore. I would suggest therefore, that you insert the empty page in your document.

I suppose that something like the following should work for you




	\color[blue]{This is an empty page to get left-even right-odd pages while arranging 2SIDE }

	\input knuth

	\input ward

	\input bryson


Kind regards


On 11 sep. 2013, at 18:36, Thomas A. Schmitz <thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de> wrote:

> I know this is a bit silly, but maybe useful for a few people: the 2SIDE arrangement is nice for printing out and previewing book pages on A4 landscape. However, the arrangement has even and odd pages swapped. Would it be possible to define a scheme which does exactly the same as 2SIDE, but adds exactly one blank (unnumbered) page at the beginning of the document so odd pages end up on the right and every arranged page looks like a book spread?
> Thanks, and all best
> Thomas
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