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Meer, H. van der H.vanderMeer at uva.nl
Fri Sep 6 09:36:29 CEST 2013

I am in need of a reference to a "bachelor thesis" but the file bxml-apa.mkiv only provides "phdthesis" as a possibility. Adding the following code to bxml-apa.mkiv doesn't work or is not enough to add the "bachelorthesis" as an extra.
I did search for "phdthesis" in the ConTeXt base files and was found once: in the bxml-apa.mkiv file.

How to?

\startxmlsetups bibtex:apa:bachelorthesis
   \setvariables[bibtex:temp][label=Bachelor thesis]

used in the .bib file as:

Author = {A. Author},
School = {Excellent University},
Title = {{How the Dutch.}},
Year = {2013}}

 Hans van der Meer

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