[NTG-context] \completepublications in component creates wrong hyperlinks

Marco Patzer homerow at lavabit.com
Tue Aug 6 00:10:45 CEST 2013


if a \completepublications call is used in a component, the
hyperlink, which is supposed to link to the bibliography, instead
links to a (probably non-existing) pdf file named after the

\startbuffer [sample]
    title     = {\TeX\ by Topic. A \TeX nician's Reference},
    publisher = {Addison-Wesley},
    year      = {1991},
    author    = {Victor Eijkhout},
    address   = {London},
    keywords  = {general},
\savebuffer [list=sample, file=bibliography.bib, prefix=no]

\startbuffer [component]
  \startcomponent *
    \completepublications [criterium=text]
\savebuffer [list=component, file=bib-component.tex, prefix=no]

\setupinteraction [state=start]
\setupbibtex [database=bibliography]
  Some text. \cite [Eijkhout1991]

  %% creates a hyperlink to bib-component.pdf
  \component bib-component

  %% this one works
  %% \completepublications [criterium=text]

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