[NTG-context] Locating pdf files in the texmf directory structure

Marco Patzer homerow at lavabit.com
Mon Aug 5 12:01:32 CEST 2013

On 2013–08–04 Michael Ash wrote:

> But env_letter.tex calls two pdf files with \externalfigure (see
> below).  These two pdf files are also in the directory pointed to by
> TEXMFHOME but they show up in the finished document as gray "state:
> unknown" boxes

This works here.

  \setupexternalfigure [location=default]
    %% \externalfigure [cow]
    \externalfigure [somefigure]

The graphic somefigure is located in TEXMFHOME. You probably did not
set location to default.


> % Define logo for the first page header
> \defineletterelement[layer][head][example]{%
>   \framed[background=logohead,frame=off,align=left]{%
>     \externalfigure[UMA_Seal_200_Maroon.pdf][height=3.1cm]}
> }
> \setupletter[ signature={\externalfigure[signature-blue.pdf]} ]

If you provide code, please create working examples, not just

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