[NTG-context] PdfXChange Viewer (slightly related to "Overriding pdfview")

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Mon Jul 1 08:57:57 CEST 2013


as I saw many pdf viewers being supported by "--autopdf=...", there is one more (my favourite; Windows) - basic version is free but powerful, fast, keeps last view for each document; allows auto-reopen lately opened docs; enables copy-to-clipboard (text/image); annotations; allows simply open the document with all other installed pdf viewers; bookmarks; page thums; layers; attached files; many printing opts including n x m pages per sheet; ...


It might be good to support this viewer, too, for completeness.

Command line options (copied form the manual):

Command Line option
The PDF-XChange Viewer may be started with a PDF file or URL name as the first item on the command line. This facilitates starting the
Viewer in File Associations or using Windows ShellExecute.
The form of the command line for using this option is:

PDFXCview.exe [command] [filename1] [[filename2] [… [filenameN]]]
Where command can be one of the following commands:
   /A "param=value [&param2=value [&...]"
   /printto[:[default=yes|no][&showui=yes|no][&pages=<pagesrange>]] <printername>
   /exportp <setting_file_name>
   /importp <setting_file_name>
   /usep <setting_file_name>

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