[NTG-context] UWIN?

Bill Meahan subscribed_lists at meahan.net
Fri Jun 14 02:46:48 CEST 2013

Out of curiosity, has anyone tried porting ConTeXt to the UWIN

UWIN is very much like cygwin in being a "Unix on Windows"
environment. However, it is not based on GNU but is Real Unix code
from AT&T Bell Labs. Many of the utilities are simply the latest
versions of the original Version 7 Unix utilities, others are from
BSD, System III and System V. The shell is genuine ksh93, not pdksh
or bash/dash. There is a POSIX dll to provide a complete POSIX api.
This is AT&T's own, not the "POSIX subsystem" from Microsoft. The cc
command is a wrapper for Visual C, gcc or whatever you have. Instead
of the usual autoconf..configure..make..make install dance you can
use nmake.

I can run the usual Windows context with a bit of fiddling but it
would be nice to use the regular setuptex shell script et. al.

Bill Meahan
Westland, Michigan

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