[NTG-context] Typefaces ... how does this work?

Sander Maijers S.N.Maijers at student.ru.nl
Thu Jun 13 19:41:51 CEST 2013

On 12-06-13 23:33, luigi scarso wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 11:31 PM, Sander Maijers
> <S.N.Maijers at student.ru.nl <mailto:S.N.Maijers at student.ru.nl>> wrote:
>     I want to adjust my document to have Lucida as main typeface, but
>     with brief passages (a few words at most) in a typeface that has the
>     IPA glyphs like Gentium.
>     I've skimmed the manual and the ConTeXt garden Wiki but I do not yet
>     understand which commands I should use where and with which options
>     to achieve this -- preferably in a concise way.
>     Could someone please explain and point out what most current
>     documentation I should read and in which order to fully understand
>     how to work with typography in ConTexT? (Obviously I am not a
>     typographer or typesetter, I just write documents.)
>     I am in a hurry now to complete my document so I would appreciate
>     concrete hints to help with my current need. Still, I am interested
>     to learn a lot about this functionality in the long term.
> Do you know the simplefonts module ?

I had read about it some time ago, but I had not yet noticed this Wiki 
page : 

How can I select a different typeface (that can be found by simplefonts) 
for a specific region of text, like a few words?

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