[NTG-context] \digits get \times instead of \cdot before exponent

Sietse Brouwer sbbrouwer at gmail.com
Tue May 21 21:17:55 CEST 2013

Hi Hans,

Christian Prim wrote:
>>> is it possible to change the behaviour of \digits to have \cdot [...]
>>> instead of \times [...]?

Hans wrote:
> there are several ways we can deal with this: [...]
> or maybe a key/value in setuptimes .. not sure yet

We've already got \setdigitmode, \setdigitorder, and \setdigitspace;
it might make sense to create a \setupdigits to consolidate these
setups into one interface. Something like this:

   [mode=4,               % -->\setdigitmode{4}
                          % (decimal period, thinspace between groups)
    inputdecimalmark={,}, % -->\setdigitorder{0}
    signspace=yes,        % -->\setdigitsign{1}; '+ 1.4', not '+1.4'
    times=\times,         % or times=\cdot



P.s: I've been thinking I'd like to write more contexty interface that
doesn't use predefined modes, but lets you setup the decimal mark,
separator mark, the input decimal mark, etc. Something like this:

   [inputdecimal={.},  % input  3.1415926535
    groupsize=4,       % output 3,1415 9265 45
    signspace=,]       % +3.14159...

That could even tie into \setuplanguage to allow setting
language-specific defaults. Would anyone be interested in this?

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