[NTG-context] font trickery

Idris Samawi Hamid ادريس سماوي حامد ishamid at colostate.edu
Wed May 15 00:51:00 CEST 2013

Hi Hans,

On Tue, 14 May 2013 12:01:36 -0600, Hans Hagen <pragma at wxs.nl> wrote:

> I'm on-and-off working on the more technical font manual and in the  
> process also check some old code i've laying around (deciding on what to  
> include and not). I'm also revising the tracer styles.
> Which makes me wonder: are there specific additional features that one  
> would like to see in context (mkiv only of course) with respect to font  
> support?

This may be beyond the scope of your current plans, but worth considering:  
It would be nice to have a mechanism where we can override/add opentype  
gsub and gpos features. Early on in the history of luatex we once had a  
mechanism that did this using FontForge's version of Adobe Feature Files.  
 From what I understand, the AFF syntax is finally mature and supports all  
lookup types:


Or maybe we have our own syntax in lua, goodies etc. Anyway, a way to  
control/override opentype gsub and gpos behavior would be interesting.  
Even if a total controller is too ambitious/unwieldy, just being able to  
do a few basic gsub/gpos tricks may be useful for, e.g., bugs in the font.

Anyway, something to think about.

Best wishes
Professor Idris Samawi Hamid
Department of Philosophy
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523

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