[NTG-context] Offset MP text with font change

Keith J. Schultz keithjschultz at web.de
Mon Apr 29 00:42:47 CEST 2013

Hi Marco, All,

agreed you can avoid the spaces by putting the usetypescript in the "preamble",
but should not the loading of a typescript not bleed any spaces!


Am 28.04.2013 um 22:03 schrieb Marco Patzer <homerow at lavabit.com>:

> On 2013–04–28 Keith J. Schultz wrote:
>> can someone explain to me why loading a file/typescript is
>> producing spaces????
> The typescripts themselves are full of spaces and new lines. And you
> really want those spaces for readability. TeX usually squashes
> multiple spaces into one, but spaces still matter in many
> circumstances, e.g. within an \hbox.
>> If the code that does load the file/s produced spaces for
>> debugging purposes that is fine, but should not they actually
>> going somewhere else?
> There's no code that produces spaces. The spaces are in the
> typescript file.
>> Personally, I find it a bug if loading fonts or other files
>> produces extraneous  characters!
> This is usually not a problem, since typescripts are loaded in the
> setup area. Even when loaded within the text area the spaces don't
> cause problems. Loading an entire file within a box, like I did in
> the example, is an unusual edge-case and there's a simple
> workaround, see Wolfgangs answer.
> Except if there's an easy fix for that, I'm personally fine knowing
> where the spaces are coming from and how to prevent them, which I do
> now.

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