[NTG-context] Project structure and path evaluation

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Thu Apr 25 14:10:51 CEST 2013


I am experimenting with the project structure
feature of ConTeXt and so far it seems that paths
used with \project, \product and \component are relative
to the current working directory of the context program.

What I am doing right now, I use paths relative to my
project file "project.tex".

\startproject proj
    \product product1/product.tex
    \product product2/product.tex

\startproduct prod1
    \component product1/components/component1.tex
    % I would like to use "components/component1.tex"
    % that is a path relative to the current file

This is really annoying as it makes it difficult to organize
files into directories. I would like the path to be relative
to the file containing the command. I tried \usepath[{.}]
without success. So, is this possible in ConTeXt?

Also, at the end of the PDF on project structure there is
an example with \startdocument ... \stopdocument. But I don't
understand where I should use these commands. From the source,
it looks like \starttex ... \stoptext with the ability to register
a before and after command. I am under the impression that I have
to choose between using :
- the project structure (project, product and component)
- the \startdocument and \stopdocument commands
- the \starttex and \stoptext commands

But that I should not mix them together. Is this right?


Thomas Corbière

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