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Am 17.04.2013 um 20:46 schrieb "Meer, H. van der" <H.vanderMeer at uva.nl>:

> I find this setup stuff bewildering. My last posting is concerning the typesetting of the endnote numbering in both the text and the list at the en dof the chapter. In the Reference Manual both textcommand and numbercommand are treated in the same setup macro: \setupfootnotes on page 94. But (with the help of your reply) I find now there are different macros needed to set them up:
> Needed for the text = \setupnotes[endnote][textcommand=\hifnmarker]
> Needed for the list = \setupnotation[endnote][numbercommand=\fnmarker]
> \def\fnmarker#1{[#1]}\def\hifnmarker#1{\high{[#1]}}
> Wolfgang Schuster just comes up with a similar solution:
> \setupnote    [endnote][textcommand=\groupedcommand{[}{]}]
> \setupnotation[endnote][numbercommand=\groupedcommand{[}{]}]
> Allthough the difference between \setupnote and \setupnotes alludes me.
> The \setupnotes does not handle the numbercommand, the \setupnotation does not handle the textcommand. I find this split in behaviour difficult to understand. May I plead for a unification here?

Footnotes, endnotes etc. are processed in a two step mechanism. When context reaches \footnote{…} in the document it stores the content and puts a number in the text, the style etc. of this number can be changed with the \setupnote command.

After the page is finished the collected notes for the current page are inserted at the bottom of the page, at first this is only one big block which contains all notes. The rule, font size etc, for this block can be also changed with the \setupnote command.

In this block the individual note texts are placed, the style etc. of each note text can be changed with the \setupnotation command.

Another point of notes are the counter and it’s format which is also changed with the \setupnotation command.


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