[NTG-context] [***SPAM***] Title of figure not below the figure, but on the right side

Sietse Brouwer sbbrouwer at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 16:27:58 CEST 2013

> But now I have a figure, where the (pretty long)
> title-text should be on the right side, how to
> get this?

Define a float type `rightfigure` that inherits from `figure`;
then setup that float's caption with \setupcaption[rightfigure][...=...].
Like so:


\placefigure{caption 1}{\framed{figure 1}}
\placerightfigure{caption 2}{\framed{figure 2}}
\placefigure{caption 3}{\framed{figure 3}}

Example stolen from:
On what wiki pages did you look? Perhaps you could add a sentence
'For adjusting the captions and their location, see {{cmd|setupcaption}}.'
so that future users will be led to the page they need.

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