[NTG-context] float combinations

Alan BRASLAU alan.braslau at cea.fr
Sat Apr 13 13:13:58 CEST 2013

This is probably not exactly what you want, however, one can use list=
in \startplacefigure\stopplacefigure to differentiate between the
figure caption and its listing in the list of figures.

\startplacefigure [title={Dutch scenery.
    \startitemize [n]
    \startitem A cow. \stopitem
    \startitem A mill. \stopitem
    list=Figure title,

    \startcombination [2]
        {\externalfigure [cow]  [width=.5\textwidth]} {a}
        {\externalfigure [mill] [width=.45\textwidth} {b}

A cow is shown in \in{figure} [fig:scenery]a.

The above example raises the following (low priority) feature
suggestion: How about some way of automatically numbering/labeling
combinations just like item lists? Sort-of a hybrid between
combination and itemize. Say,
\startcombination [r*c] [item=a]
    \startitem \externalfigure [cow] \stopitem
    \startitem \externalfigure [mill] \stopitem

Hmm. A challenge for Hans (as if he is not busy enough).

(However, I am sure that Wolfgang can suggest an obvious solution that
is already available, that I overlook... :)


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