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Fri Mar 22 21:46:02 CET 2013

Dear friends!

It looks likely that we will have again a great conference in Bachotek: the Euro-BachoTeX 2013. -- So please to consider the community there!

Kind regards

Willi Egger
Secretetary CG

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> Date: March 22, 2013 9:44:15 PM GMT+01:00
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> Besten allemaal,
> hm, dat lijkt weer een fijne conferentie te worden! Meld je aan!
> Vriendelijke groeten
> Willi Egger
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>> Subject: EuroBachoTeX 2013: Communication and typography
>> Date: March 21, 2013 11:38:12 PM GMT+01:00
>> To: Willi Egger <w.egger at boede.nl>
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>> Dear Friend-in-TeX, 
>> coming soon is the 2013 EuroTeX conference, numbered 21, joint with the 
>> 21st BachoTeX conference. At this wiriting, it is the 21st of March, the 
>> first full day of spring in the northern hemisphere. 
>> This must be a meanigful coincidence!
>> At the moment the weather outside doesn't support let's-have-some-fun-time 
>> at the lake kind of thinking but you definitely should do so. We give you the
>> organizers weather guarantee for BachoTeX.
>> The conference theme is “Communication and Typography”, for the motivation
>> see the call for papers (http://www.gust.org.pl/bachotex/2013/cfp).
>> We already have promises of presentations which will deal with various 
>> aspects of the theme, but as always, there will be presentations with 
>> interesting TeX-and-friends as well as fonts-related content plus 
>> a lot of fun events. 
>> Building on last year's success, we plan hands-on workshops: calligraphy 
>> applied to initials, linocut with color prints and making boxes with bookbinding
>> techniques. 
>> Of course, we will have a concert (flamenco!) and a bonfire with singing and music,
>> and surely – the conference dinner.
>> The current conference info is available at http://gust.org.pl/bachotex/2013.
>> Please do respond to the call for papers mentioned above with a contribution, 
>> however small. Many thanks in advance!
>> Additional information, including the presentation abstracts and schedule,
>> will be posted on the conference page as it will become available.
>> See you in Bachotek!
>> Jerzy Ludwichowski
>> (for the organizers)
>> P.S. Apologies if that reached you more than once or if you are already 
>> registered.
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